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Mookie Pet Brush and Massager

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The Mookie Pet brush comes in plenty of vibrant fun colours and combines a comfortable tangle teaser/ undercoat shredder brush with a soothing massager, for a calming pet pamper session.

Mookie is a UK brand of doggy massage and brush tool that is made in the UK. It is made from soft rubber that is easy to grip and it can be slipped onto your finger for a comfortable, secure hold. It has a plastic round top that is a great massager for you dog or cat. With the cap removed, it becomes a grooming brush, either small or large depending on the size. It is perfect for a little rub around the head, and ears or your dog’s favourite tickle spots.

The Mookie was designed to give feel good attention to your dog without the stress of being brushed. It is gentle in removing tangles and debris from fur.

Soothing Massage

We all know how good and relaxing a massage feels and it is the same way for dogs. Massage provides a number of benefits:

  • Reduces Stress
  • Improves Circulation – great for the muscles after a long or strenuous walk, or for coping with arthritis
  • Bonding – great for reinforcing that special bond between you and your dog
  • Pain Relief – can help the recovery process if your dog is healing from an injury
  • Inspection – Can help to find problem lumps and bumps that may be hiding under your dog’s coat

soothing massage
With the cap on, Mookie is a soothing massage device for your pet.

an enjoyable tingle
Massage in small gentle circles, between the ears and down your pets back for that spine tingle.

relax your pet
Your pet gets tired too and will love gentle circular strokes down that tired back leg muscle. Mookie is a great way to release tension and give you some bonding time with your pet.

Grooming, Tangles and Undercoats

easy to use

You’ll find that Mookie is comfortable to use and comfortable for your pet. Cap off, it’s perfect to remove your pet’s undercoat and for those tangles.

caring for your pet

Mookie’s patented design will remove the downy undercoat from your dog, cat or rabbit’s fur. Matted fur can become like hard pads of felt beneath the outer layer causing your pet discomfort or even pain. Gentle and regular brushing will tease it out. This also makes it easy to look and feel for any lumps, bumps or injuries.

good blood circulation

Brushing also helps promote good blood circulation.

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