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Get Fit For 2015 Running With Your Dog

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The new year is now upon us and its time to burn off those Christmas calories. Make it more fun and involve your dog, you can both enjoy the extra exercise and get in shape too. When running with their dog most people will find they are more motivated to get out there and then to keep going. The majority of dogs won't complain when you are ready to go out, being ever ready, making them the perfect training partner.

Before going for your first run have a chat with your vet to make sure your dog is medically fit for running. Not all breeds and ages of dog can cope with running so it is best to have checked in advance. Remember to start easy and build up to faster or longer runs. Just like us humans, dogs need to build up their level of fitness gradually to avoid injury and prevent the paw pads getting sore. 

If your dog does have sensitive paws it may be worth taking a look at investing in a good set of boots, like the  Ruffwear Dog Boots. This will help the dog to feel more comfortable and reduces the risk of a paw cuts or injuries. Boots will also protect from salt and grit in winter, which can irritate paws. Ensure your dog has some clean water to drink, if they get thirsty during your run you don't want them drinking from puddles, which could be a source of some nasty parasites.  

Dogs can get tired too, keep an eye on your dog behaviour and if they are slowing down this could be a sign that its time you both took a rest and re-hydrate. Dog can't tell us when they have had enough, so it's up to us to read their body language and look out for signs, like heavy panting and glazed eyes. 

The safest way to go jogging with your dog is using a leash, this not only keeps your dog under control but also protects them from any danger. It also helps you to focus on your run, instead of wondering where your dog went or why they have stopped for a sniff or even trying to call them back to you whilst being out of breath. Your ordinary standard leash can be used if your on a budget, however, for more comfort there are specialist dog running leashes available at affordable prices. 

bungee dog lead is especially good because it absorbs shocks if your dog pulls on the end of the leash. This avoids sudden jolts which could lead to injury or cause you to trip over. However, a standard waist worn lead can be used as an alternative. This allows you to have your hands free enabling a natural running posture. 

It is easy to get started running with your dog and the health benefits to both dog and runner are very beneficial. It doesn't need to cost anything, just give it a try and if it works out, you can then think about buying some of the dog running accessories to make it even more enjoyable. 

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