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More Dog Balls

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We are stocking even more Chuckit toys. The Max Glow ball in 3 sizes and the ball that sings, the Whistler.

The Whistler

Chuckit Whistler Ball If you are after something a bit different and more engaging for your dog, then the Whistle ball could be the one. It is super durable just as you would expect from Chuckit balls, yet it lets out a sound as it flies through the air. A perfect companion for your ball launcher.

Max Glow Ball

Chuckit Max Glow Ball The glow ball is the ideal choice for those early morning or dusky, dark evening walks where its just not light enough for an ordinary ball. Its easy to charge the glow ball, just place under some light for 5 minutes before you go out and it will glow bright. Easier to see for you and easier for your dog too.

Want the best of both? Welcome to the Orbee Tuff ball that glows in the dark and whistles from Planet Dog

Orbee Tuff Glow in the Dark Whistle Ball Great for old souls and young pups alike, Planet Dog have come up with a glow in the dark ball that is minty and whistles. It glows bright, smells fresh and proivides audible sound when thrown. This dog ball is great for the older dog who's scenses are no longer their best, making fetch games fun.

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