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New Zogoflex Air For Intense Play

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Zogoflex Air is the new range of dog toys from West Paw Design, built for active dogs with a high play drive. They are best for dogs that love intense play on land or water or both. They are suitable for fetching and chasing and have a satisfying durable squish, making them ideal for all dogs, including young pups and oldies. 

What Is Zogoflex Air?

Zogoflex Air is the usually durable Zogoflex material that has been injected with a natural agent to create air pockets. What this does is makes the toys squish when compressed, giving them a softer feel in a dog's mouth and provide satisfaction when clenched between the dog's jaws.

Zogoflex Air Technology


Zogoflex Air Boz is the ball with the satisfying squish and rugged texture that dogs love.

Zogoflex Air Boz

  • Lightweight and bouncy with a soft feel in a dog's mouth, perfect for catching.
  • Engaging and fun with a rugged exterior texture.
  • Can be compressed in a dog's jaws for a satisfying endorphin release.
  • Safer than a standard tennis ball - No toxic glue or lead 
  • Small size fits into a standard size ball launcher
  • Suitable for medium chewers


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Zogoflex Air Dash is the frisbee dogs love to pick up, with its fast flight and gradual descent.

Zogoflex Air Dash

  • Aerodynamic shape to give better visibility in the air and easy for dog's to pick up from the ground.
  • Centre hole for a stable and fast flight
  • Average flight distance is 26 metres
  • The durable, soft material is gentle on dog's mouths
  • Textured grip makes it easy to throw
  • Suitable for medium chewers


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