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What does your dog do while your at work?

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Motorola Scout 1

Have you ever wondered what your dog is doing when you leave the house? Or have your neighbours mentioned they have heard your dog howling or barking? 

Now you can watch what is going on and even talk to your dog giving them reassurance form hearing your voice. All this and more with the new Motorola Scout WiFi pet camera.It is very appealing to be able to spy on your pup and see how he or she behaves the moment your leave the house and how long it takes for them to settle down, if at all. 

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The camera is fairly easy to setup, with the most challenging part being connecting it to your WiFi internet in your house. The iPhone (also for IPad, android, PC, etc) app works well, is easy to use and it is fun to be able to move the camera around when at work in the office. The only disappointing feature we found with the Motorola pet cam was not being able to speak to the dog when not connected through the same WiFi for the app and camera. So although it is useful to be able to speak to the dogs when upstairs and they are downstairs misbehaving, it would of been a great benefit to be able to do it when out of the house too. 

Overall the pet monitor works really well and it is such a relief to be able to see what is going on when the dogs are left alone. It is also fun to record the action to show family and friends, especially when some naughty behaviour happens. 

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