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What's in your dog walking bag?

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Shop now for Doog walkie bagsWhen we walk our dogs there some items we would like to take with us. This poses the problem, our pockets are only so big, not to mention in summer we don't have a nice big jacket to hold everything. It is no wonder dog walking utility belts are becoming so popular.

DoogSo what do you put in your dog walking bum bag?

  • Keys
  • Phone
  • Treats
  • Doggy bags
  • Fetch toy
  • Water bottle
  • Foldable water bowl
  • Clicker
  • And the list goes on....

Luckily DOOG have designed a range of dog walkie bags to suit a variety of needs. Not everything will fit in each bag, but depending on each persons circumstances there is a dog walking fanny pack that is just right.

Off out for a run? Or maybe you just need a small secure place for your keys when you have no pockets in summer clothing? The DOOG mini belt is the smallest belt making it a light, unobtrusive option. It is quite small so it may not fit your smart phone, but it will hold those all important poo bags, your keys and a few treats.

If your after a bit more and like lots of small pockets to keep things organised then the DOOG walkie belt would a better alternative. With a tennis ball attachment and clip for your dogs leash, this belt is practical. The pockets are still quite small though, so a smart phone may not fit.

Have a lot to carry? Or have some larger items that just won't fit in the smaller bags? The new DOOG shoulder bag is the largest walking bag providing space for a smart phone, toys, water bowl and even has a place for your water bottle to keep your family canine hydrated.

Finally, the DOOG treat pouch is the ultimate accompaniment to training your dog. The treat bag is waist worn and has a removable lining that can be washed. There is a section to put your doggy bag for easy access and space to hold a few valuables. There is even a clicker attachment point to make juggling everything during training easier. 

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