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Chuckit Ultra Ball

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Product Description

The Chuckit Ultra Ball is one of the best dog balls we have found, it is incredibly durable to the point it is virtually indestructible and it is great value for money.

This ball is lightweight, bouncy and floats, so it's great for water loving dogs too. There is a small air hole, which enables the ball to be chewed without causing damage to the ball. This is great for dogs that like to chew the ball as they carry it back during a game of fetch. 

This is a dog ball designed for the most demanding use, this is no ordinary ball. Simply put, this is the best ball for the game of fetch. Developed to have high bounce, high buoyancy, high visibility, and high durability, the value of the Ultra Ball is easily recognised by dog owners. The Chuckit Ultra Ball promises to outplay the ordinary!

  • High bounce
  • Long range
  • Ultra durable natural rubber
  • Ultra buoyant for water use
  • Easy to clean
  • Premium quality ball
  • Lightweight

Perfect for exercising your dog! Use it in the park, in your backyard, or anywhere there is plenty of room. You are more likely to need to replace it because you lost it in the park, before it is worn out!

Available in 3 sizes

  • Small (2 Pack) 2inch
  • Medium (2 Pack) 2.5inch
  • Large (1 Pack) 3inch


Which size balls fit in which launcher?

Ball Size Launcher Compatibility
Small - 2 inch Mini Launcher
Medium - 2.5 inch Classic Launcher
Ultra Launcher
Pocket Launcher
Large - 3 inch Mega Launcher

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Product Reviews

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  1. Super Balls review rating

    Posted by on

    These are the best balls I have ever bought for my dog. They are durable lasting a longtime.
    They are visual which is helpful when you go to the park or beach.
    They float.
    They are a tad on the expensive side but well worth it.
    They have great bounce very necessary as my dog likes to leap to catch the ball in the air.
    The medium size fit most ball throwers.
    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

  2. Fantastic ball review rating

    Posted by on

    Excellent ball. My Dobermann would only play with tennis balls which didn't last very long at all but he loves this ball and it's lasting very well. Very impressed with it and going to order another one in case we lose it

  3. Chuck it ultra balls review rating

    Posted by on

    Excellent my dog loves them carries them everywhere and he hasn't managed to destroy it yet

  4. Chuck it ultra ball review rating

    Posted by on

    Excellent service from Benny the dog, fast delivery and a great price. The chuck it ultra balls are brilliant our lab loves them, they are indestructible #Funtastic.

  5. Chuck it Ultra Ball review rating

    Posted by on

    I bought 6 Chuckit Balls for our 18month old Springador and our next door neighbour's dog for Christmas. My dog just annihilated all other balls and toys, but the Chuckit ultra balls are well worth the money. He has had these balls 3 months, he loves them, plays with them everyday and he chews on them and there isn't a mark on them. They fit into our ball launcher, they bounce, float and due to bright colour are easy to be seen. The next door neighbour' s dog loves them too.

  6. Oh my! Fab Ball review rating

    Posted by on

    Love it love it love it ....a little trouble getting back off Archie when the game is finished! He loves all toys - but when this arrived he has had eyes for no other. I would love this to be attached on a rope or webbing. Just ordered more - I couldn't bear to think what Archie would do if he lost one!

  7. Chuckit Ultra Ball review rating

    Posted by on

    Best ball ever, found our first one that we had for 6 months before we lost it hence buying more.

  8. Chuckit Ultra Ball review rating

    Posted by on

    We have six of these (although at the moment I can only find five) cause my two Mini Schnauzers simply love them. They rarely play with their other toys until the balls have been confiscated! LOVE THEM!

  9. Chuckit Ultra Ball review rating

    Posted by on

    Bought 2 of these balls, my dog loved it & so did the dog that was given the other one as a gift. Good pricing, fast delivery. Brilliant.

  10. ChuckitUltraBall review rating

    Posted by on


  11. Does what it says on the tin review rating

    Posted by on

    Our akita x was getting through at least one ball a day and if she took one out to the garden they lasted no more than 10 mins. These ultra balls are fantastic. The dog has has the ultra ball for 3 weeks, using them every day and they have hardly a mark on them. Add to that the fact they float well and these are a fantastic purchase. I will defiantly be buying more for my akita's doggie friends.

  12. Ultra Ball - Brilliant ! review rating

    Posted by on

    These balls are wonderful -hard wearing, safe for my dog to chew, and bounce really high.

  13. Henry Bean review rating

    Posted by on

    Unlike my last review of the Whistler Ball I have only praise for the Ultra Ball. This is a high=powerred ball which bounces and travels far even on sand. It's also hygienic cos it's easy for my Mum to wash after use (I love to bury it on the beach and then dig it up covered in wet sand. I've tried my hardest to put teeth marks in it but have failed. I'm in danger of losing my title of Henry Chomper! So, overall a really great exercise experience for me.

  14. Chickit ultrA BALL review rating

    Posted by on

    Lasted longer than other products however my pooch still managed to ;break it' after 2 weeks. Might last a bit longer if pooch is prevented from chewing i.e. throw and fetch only.

  15. The best ball you can get for your dog review rating

    Posted by on

    Chuckit Ultra balls are the most durable chew-proof balls you can buy. We have a dog that would go through two or three balls a week when she got fed up with fetching and decided chewing was more fun. She's been on the same Chuckit Ultra II ball for nearly three years now, and it's still as good as new. Although they cost you a bit more, they'll save you a fortune in the long run.

  16. Fantastic ball review rating

    Posted by on

    Excellent bouncy ball for dogs. Very hard wearing & bright colour so easy to find.

  17. Chuckit ball great review rating

    Posted by on

    My dog loves this and found something finally that he doesn't seem to be able to destroy. Great item....

  18. Chuckit ultra ball review rating

    Posted by on

    Chuckit ultra ball is great. The dogs can not destroy and they float for the beach. Bunny The Dog gave a great service with fast delivery and a good price. Have looked for these online and this was the best price including delivery.

  19. Original Date Written 06/04/2013 review rating

    Posted by on

    I bought from BTD via Amazon... These are the absolute best ball I've ever bought. They bounce well, they float, they fit in most ball launchers, they weigh about as much as normal tennis ball but don't get as mucky, they are easy to see and seemingly nearly indestructible. My dog doesn't kill toys so these are just a good ball for fetch in the park because they bounce well and so go quite a distance from a ball chucker. My mother has a JRT that picks and chews his way through the toughest of kong toys and anything else. I've seen him barking at this ball in frustration at not being able to kill it. It's a different approach in that the ball has a couple of little pin prickly holes that let out air so they can't pop, but there's just enough resistance to stop it being chewed through

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