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Fluff and Tuff Dog Toy Size Guide

The range of Fluff and Tuff plush dog toys comes in all different shapes and sizes. We have split them out below into size groups to make it easier for you to select the desired size for your dog. 



fluff-and-tuff-lady-the-bug-durable-plush-dog-toy-size.jpgfluff-and-tuff-shelly-the-turtle-toy-size.jpgcubby bear



fluff-and-tuff-flo-the-koi-durable-plush-dog-toy-size.jpgFluff and Tuff Peanut ChipmunkFluff and Tuff Savannah Baby GatorFluff and Tuff Jessica BunnyLouis the CardinalEsmeralda TurtleTank SharkWillie the OrcaOlive the FrogBurt the Lake TroutHowie the DuckPetey the PigTigerballLeo LionSkipper the PenguinGordon Stingray



Fluff and Tuff Harriet HedgehogHelga HippoRuby Rainbow TroutNelly the GiraffeWoodrow the OwlMarge the CowViolet UnicornManny Lobster



Fluff and Tuff Boomer TigerFluff and Tuff Edsel ElephantFluff and Tuff Georgia AlligatorFluff and Tuff Lucy SkunkFluff and Tuff Nuts SquirrelFluff and Tuff Rocket RaccoonFluff and Tuff Walter RabbitFluff and Tuff Mac SharkFluff and Tuff Hendrix FoxIke PheasantLola the FlamingoJimmy the ParrotClyde the HorseAlbert the Squirrel MonkeyKatie the CaterpillarHarry the OtterCedric the TortoiseTico Sloth

Extra Large

Fluff and Tuff Sadie BearFluff and Tuff Big Daddy the Gator



by Charlotte Driver